It’s your favourite day of the week! Tunes-day! I’m really excited to put a spotlight on SAULT: they’re infectiously groovy and deliciously hypnotic, with powerfully political lyrics.

I can confidently say that SAULT is at the very top of my fav music finds facilitated by streaming algorithms and suggestions. SAULT is a mysterious duo? band? producer? supergroup? (Beats me!) Wheoever they are, they seem to have taken a vow of anonymity. Any information about the group, or their label, Forever Living Originals, is hard to come by. However if you creep through youtube comments on their tracks you can find fans floating hypothesis’ about who these baddasses just might be.

Side note: Mysterious artists seem to be a recurring theme on Tunes-days at Frissonic Shivers (#02 featured mystery producer NU).

One of my favourite things is that I can’t tell when or where this music is from simply by listening to it. The albums are heavy on the classic soul moments fused with Afrobeat rhythms, addictive drum and bass hooks and futuristic loops with a few skits in between songs for good measure. I have a hunch that one of the brains behind this music is involved with music supervision and syncing music to film and TV because I can imagine so many kinds of scenes that the music of SAULT would compliment & elevate.

SAULT released 5& 7 in 2019 and Untitled (Black Is) in June of this year (2020)

Whoever they are, they are prolific. In 2019, they released 2 powerful full-length albums: 5, and 7, within a few months of each other.

✊🏻 ✊🏼 ✊🏽 ✊🏾 ✊🏿

This year, with police violence and white supremacist fuckery taking up far more space and energy in our minds and hearts than it should (it’s 2020 ppl). SAULT released a beautiful collections of songs, Untitled: (Black Is). This album makes me want to rage in the streets and then go home to channel all my anger and rage into something productive and something that will move society further, just like the makers of this album.

All three albums are pumped full of dynamic and juicy tunes that get your body moving. A few favs can be found below (it was really hard to narrow them down) . There’s honestly not much else to say, the music of SAULT speaks for itself.

Untitled:(Black Is) (2020)

(ok this is not from SAULTs official YT channel but I do appreciate this juxtaposition.)

5 (2019)

That sweet-n low-bassey intro, hypnotic drum loops paired with those deep-down-touch-your-soul-vocals make this track pretty irresistable.
Where in your body do you feel this track? It’s all about the shoulders for me on this one
Hot damn! Are you listening to these lyrics?? I wonder who on earth this tune could be about…

7 (2019)

Fresh & Funky
Slow it down a sec…

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little slice of SAULT and that you are craving some more! Their music is available on bandcamp and all streaming services.

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