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Introducing… 🌈 Tuney TUNES-day // #01 Feat. Zoon ✨

Maybe days of the week don’t mean much for you anymore… they’re kind of all the same now. Every 7-10 days there’s grocery store day and then there’s all the other days… Or maybe you’re actually an essential member of society and days do still matter, in which case, THANK YOU. Irregardless! I thought I’d …

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R E V I E W // Fiona Apple’s “Fetch the Bolt Cutters”💫✨

This review has been bubbling inside of me since shortly after it’s release on April 17. I’ve spent all my time in the last three weeks learning about/building my media empire website, 80% of that time I had this album on repeat in the background. I’ve had the chance to let Fetch the Bolt Cutters, …

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