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Introducing…. Fresh Frissons🍋🍉

Check out the freshest music Frissonic Shivers has rounded up for you! Here’s an hour long playlist of new releases meant to help you stop doom scrolling and to stop fixating at the dumpster fire our world has morphed into/always been. 💫 Sonic Journey: The inaugeral edition of Fresh Frissons kicks off and winds down …

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Introducing… 🌈 Tuney TUNES-day // #01 Feat. Zoon ✨

Maybe days of the week don’t mean much for you anymore… they’re kind of all the same now. Every 7-10 days there’s grocery store day and then there’s all the other days… Or maybe you’re actually an essential member of society and days do still matter, in which case, THANK YOU. Irregardless! I thought I’d …

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