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I had such a blast in May during the Digital Lightning in a Bottle Festival (LiB). I’m even going to go as far as say it was one of my lockdown highlights. This fest happens yearly in California. I had never heard of it previously, but I immediately loved the lineup: Kaytranada, Tycho, Four Tet, and TOKiMONSTA (click on the artists name below to watch their LiB performance on Twitch). However, I definitely did not anticipate the extent of how well planned and polished this virtual event would be.

What has been your lockdown highlight? Let me know in the comments! I’m sharing the highlights of this magical virtual festival… organizers pivoting online this summer: take notes!


The musical acts were top notch and to polish them off, the festival featured yoga classes, cooking/baking classes, live art creation available for auction, and philosophical chats examining the state of the world & how we can manifest a safe an healthy new reality. Each day opened with words of wisdom from traditional Elders.

DGTL LiB Fest 2020 Lineup

The festival even had material for in between acts: cheeky comedy sketches poking fun at festival antics, stories & memories from those who have attended in past years, sharing what makes the festival special to them and nostalgia-inducing aftervids from years prior. Like I wrote in the intro, I had never heard of this fest, but watching all these memories had me fondly reminiscing about my own festie memories, they almost convinced me I had been there myself!

The Do Lab & Twitch:

The festival is produced by The Do Lab. I like their mission, as found on their website:

We build and promote music festivals, interactive environments, and unique structures that exhibit and celebrate our ethos of human connection, art as transformative experience, and environmental sustainability

I believe the performances were slightly pre-recorded to ensure smooth transitions, and I imagine editing the graphics took a bit of time as well. Some of the DJ sets were in a CGI universe on these impressive digital platforms with lil raving silhouettes dancing all over the place. Other sets were filmed outdoors or at home, some with trippy visuals imposed over the performance.

This platform allowed for an interactive chat, high quality visuals, and was more enjoyable than youtube, FB, or IG. You can design the page and make buttons for your calls of action to the audience.

Zoom Dancefloor:

The best thing about EDM festivals is the opportunity for a religiously cathartic shake it & get-down session (or ten). A dedicated get-down Zoom Room was full of hundreds of festies dancing, swinging poi, painting, partying and just having a rad damn time! The broadcast had a small feed in the corner displaying the dancers and art inside the Zoom Room.


Audience donations were encouraged throughout the weekend to cover the costs associated with putting on this event. I’m presuming organizers had to financially fulfill their contracts to the artists and performers. Given how grateful I was for the hours of entertainment and excitement the event provided me with, I was happy to send them a little something. I appreciate the time and careful considerations they put into the event. In fact, I would argue, that for an online experience of this calibre, charging a nominal fee for tickets would not stop anyone from attending.

Additionally, affiliate links were set up – advertising for beers and a kombuchas with fest-specific discount codes for ordering. Naturally the revenue opportunities are likely not as high as putting together a festival like the “old days” but a gigantic chunk of overhead costs have been eliminated. If done right, it might even be more lucrative this way.

DGTL Perks:

I really hope to see more festivals pivot online to a model like the one LiB has adapted to. They’ve really set a standard for events to come! I’ll admit I was highly skeptical about the future of live events. I have a general distaste for the potential of drive-thru concerts becoming the norm. LiB helped me open my mind and appreciate what is possible, given the reality for the foreseeable future.

  • I loved that I got to party in the safety and comfort of my own home.
  • No drink or food lines, and the prices were right.
  • There were no obnoxious people ruining the mood.
  • There’s also really not much a mess to clean up afterwards. I’ve been to festivals where half the campers ditch their cheap tents and trash cleaning efforts take a lot of labour hours.
  • I felt digitally connected to the others who were enjoying the experience. Going forward, I think the potential for personal connections and community will really separate the most special/memorable events from the rest.

Click on the artist below to watch their LiB performance on Twitch (opens in a new window) .


There seemed to be some technical difficulties that delayed this special set a little. But that’s the beauty of live music. What a treat it was to watch this! All the slappers were played and the aesthetic was low-key and subtle – pretty on brand. This almost made up for the Kaytranada show I had tickets for in June that had to be resccheduled.




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