beep beep! 🚘 park out & rock out 🀘

Will drive-in concerts be the only way to get your live music fix?

Would you perform to sea of parked cars?

Or would you rock out to the best band ever from the safe & clean bubble of your automobile?

Yesterday, Consequence of Sound wrote that “Drive-In Concerts Are Now a Thing in Denmark”.

Concerts as we knew them are not going to be returning to our lives anytime soon, and even when they do, the concert going experience is likely to be seriously downgraded for fans and stars alike. It’s a bitter pill for us music aficionados to swallow; but the music industry is an adaptable bunch, right?

It doesn’t sound much different from going to see a movie at the drive in – the audience dials their radio into the designated frequency. On a completely related note, I wonder if drive-in movies are on the verge of a comeback once the the light turns green for that kind of thing?

I’m trying to visualize the experience myself, and I can’t say I’m 100% sold on the idea.

For starters, I, like many others out there, don’t drive (🚎 holla!) – so I guess we’re out of luck?

Could there be a socially distant bus?

With plexiglass cubicle seating?

Sprayed down after every show?

If people honk, is that a WOO or is that a BOO? Wouldn’t that effect sound quality?

Can you get out of your car to dance? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Maybe tinted windows would go out of fashion for those concerned with image and being spotted at the hottest events… from the stage, it would be a bit of a trip to be staring out at the audience and have nothing but dark glass staring back!

How impersonal and non-interactive would it be?

I doubt with all that driving going on the venue would be allowed to run a full bar… I think I know where I’d rather be!!

As a non-driver, I really hope something better comes along. Plus, our society is infuriatingly car-centric enough as it is, I would hate it if these kinds of measuresΒ  stuck around causing concerts to become inaccessible people like myself: limited to two feet.

🌟Please share your thoughts in the comments!!! I love hearing thoughts and ideas and getting a discussion going on any and all things music related! 🎢


  1. Felix says:

    OMG I absolutely love this! Did you write all the content yourself??? It’s so well written! AMAZING!! :O

  2. Siobhan Murphy says:

    Germany had a drive thru rave!! And those lovely DJs answered some of my questions:

    “Nitefield spoke to Mixmag about the experience of playing to an audience in their cars, saying: “[We didn’t have any] personal interaction with the audience at all, [so] it was really challenging to call them in to action.

    “Some people from the ‘crowd’ started to push their horns which gave us great feedback and from that point we knew how to communicate with them and we could turn this event into something really personal.”

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