gamechanger! Facebook is going to let users get paid for their livestreams! 📰

Talented musicians and artists around the world are adapting and finding ways to pivot their art & their business online in an unprecedented way. Live on Facebook is one platform giving musicians the opportunity to have their music seen and heard by old and new fans from their living room, anywhere in the world. All of this is great – but how can a musician earn an income if they can’t sell tickets to shows? reports that Facebook is now letting artists (and anyone) collect tips for their performances on facebook.

Some savvy musicians have a virtual tip jar set up, and take requests from their fans while interacting with them during the livestream. That’s definitely not something fans would have the fortune of experiencing in the “old days” of thousands or even hundreds of people soaking up the music.

Artists who might be looking for a more polished concert experience should look into Side Door Access. Side Door Access was started by singer/songwriter, Dan Mangan, as a platform for artists to connect with hosts to put on small scale and interactive shows, usually at a house or an unconventional space for a performance. Nowadays, they have taken their model online. They offer artists the opportunity to charge for tickets to the performance. The shows take place over the Zoom platform, with most attendees turning on their camera.

Streaming will never ever replace live music, but it does come with the perks of a global audience (if they can find you) and makes it easier for that one on one engagement with your fans that might not necessarily be easy to achieve from the stage.

Are you livestreaming?

If you’ve been doing the livestream thing, how are finding it? Is your reach is growing? Are you having difficulty reaching your audience? Share your experience in the comments!

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