💥⚡️🎙 Make Your LIVESTREAM Slap, Bang & Pop ((a comprehensive how-to guide – pt. 2))

As summer rolls on, I have been seeing some really fantastic, high production value livestreams and virtual festivals. I’ve been watching the best streams and taking note of what makes them memorable and not so great, so that I can support you with some words of wisdom!

Just this week, there were a whole bunch of juicy and dynamic performances from a diverse group of Canadian artists for Canada Day.

There was also Lightning of a Bottle festival held in May in California with another level of performances from the likes of Kaytranada, Tyco, Four Tet, CloZee, TokiMonsta. I’ve reviewed the festival and you can read about it here!

But, back to what you actually came here for: tips and tricks to make your livestream stand out from the crowd!
Make Your L I V E S T R E A M Slap, Bang & Pop ((a comprehensive how-to guide - pt. 2))

So you’ve already read part 1, and have spent the last week or so getting ready for your first big virtual gig.

You have a clear idea of what you are going to accomplish with your livestream.

Now today’s the day! It’s show day! In part 2 goes over steps you can take day of show, right up until you go live to air.

Set up your space

  • Make sure it’s tidy;
  • Show off your personality! Hang up cool textiles or let your beloved furry friend make a cameo. You can show off your cool collection of plants, scarves, bottle caps, matchbooks… whatever;
  • Lights! The more atmospheric the better. Ferry lights, lanterns, lamps, LEDs, strobe lights, even natural light… anything will easily add to the aesthetic of your performance
    • stay as far away from florescent lighting as possible….
  • Sound! Take a look at what you have in your bag/shelf of goodies and set up a microphone. The microphone on your laptop will most likely not do your performance any justice.
  • Sign-age. You want to make sure anyone who has tuned in from the most random corner of the internet knows who are you are! Draw or paint a sign to stick behind you with your name, and your socials!

Check.. 1.. 2… Test.. 1-2-Ch-, Check one-two-

  • Test your audio / equipment / tracks
  • Test your video quality and angles
    • If you don’t typically record vids of yourself on social media or youtube, record some practice vids to help you get used to seeing yourself on camera… or you just might catch yourself distracted/flustered by your gorgeous self while performing;
  • Test your internet strength – wouldn’t it be awful if you spent a half hour performing live but the pixels and tin sound made it unbearable for the audience?
  • Do a run through of the songs you are going to perform;
  • Write down and practice a few things you want to say

Promotion Blast!

  • Bombard all your socials a few more times with links and time (if you’re streaming through Youtube you can tell your fans to set a reminder)
  • Call in favours to friends whose events you’ve shouted out before… get a friendly signal boost from them!
    • Make sure you’re willing to return the favour to anyone you ask.
  • Be sure to include a link to the platform, date, time (don’t forget timezones! ET / PT / GMT are a good place to start)

Get in the Zone

  • Do what you gotta do to make sure you are feeling your 100% fire self 🔥 💥
    • Working out earlier in the day, spending time in nature, meditating, practicing/jamming.
  • It takes extra energy to connect through a screen than it would in a normal circumstance so do whatever self work you need to do to make sure that your energy is as elevated as possible;
  • Invite people into your space who will hype you up, support with operating any devices, and who make you feel powerful!
  • Prepare your chilled beverage of choice to enjoy through out the show.

So that’s part 2 of Frissonic Shivers’ comprehensive livestream guide for artists. Part 3 will jump into some best practices to remember during your performance, and part 4 will give suggestions on what to do after you’ve killed it!

Let me know about your own livestreaming experiences and tips in the comments! What has and hasn’t worked for you? I’d love to hear from you in the comments! If you think this may be helpful to someone you know, please share with them!

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