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Is it your goal to expand your audience or your network beyond your own postal code, area code, or country calling code? If so, you need to pay attention and register ASAP. Next, clear your schedule for the week of July 27 – 31 (NEXT WEEK!) and immerse yourself in Global Toronto 2020!

I am SO EXCITED about next week, I’ve marked myself completely unavailable to the world on the calendar. My excitement is for a very special virtual event; bringing together artists and industry professionals from around the world.

Global Toronto (GT20)

Global Toronto was scheduled for May 7 -10 (I’ll give you one guess why it was postponed and shifted entirely online). Personally, I was pumped I would get to do some wheelin’ and dealin’ on behalf of an artist I represent. Along with countless others, I was absolutely gutted when a slew of live shows and conferences were suspended for the year.

Next week GT20 is hosting a number of highly topical panel discussions, breakout rooms, professional development webinars, regional networking opportunities and musical spotlight/Q&As featuring talent from across the globe. The theme is ‘Acknowledging Opportunity, Envisioning the Future’ will explore captivating topics such as:

  • The Role of Protest Music in 2020
  • Palatable for who?
  • This is a Warning: Calling In Institutions
  • Monetizing Lyrics
  • Has Capitalism Failed the Music Industry??
  • Planning Your Next Release: Promotion & Distribution Tips
  • See the full schedule here

With Spotlights from talents such as:

  • Larnell Lewis
  • Iskwē ᐃᐢᑫᐧᐤ
  • Ladom Ensemble
  • and mooooooooore!


((NOTE: registration closes Sunday night. You will need Chrome or Firefox to access the conference platform))

That pivot!

Instead of cancelling immediately, organizers turned to the jury, selected showcase artists, and their teams, to figure out next steps. Discussions started out with some pessimism, but the conversation quickly turned around. There was a general consensus

“that our current crisis is an opportunity to create a new world that better represents and serves the interests of artists, professionals, and partners, particularly those traditionally under-represented and marginalised – the very voices we have at the heart of our mission”

Jonathan Campbell, small world music

Johnathan Campbell is the Head of Programs at Small World Music, and the logistical wiz (among a few!) behind an incredibly unique online event experience. I was fortunate enough to catch up with him and ask him a few questions about who should be at GT20 and what you can expect if you register!

Continue reading on the next page to find out more about why this is where you need to be next week, and the ideas and intentions that have kept this conference alive at a time when most decided to count their losses for the year….

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