Introducing…. Fresh Frissons🍋🍉

Check out the freshest music Frissonic Shivers has rounded up for you! Here’s an hour long playlist of new releases meant to help you stop doom scrolling and to stop fixating at the dumpster fire our world has morphed into/always been.

💫 Sonic Journey:

The inaugeral edition of Fresh Frissons kicks off and winds down with two tracks from artist Jordan Rakei’s Late Night Tales compilation. In between these beautiful bookends you’ll find some electronic, meditative, hypnotic and danceable tracks from Bill Laurance, Nu, and O’Flynn. We ground ourselves with Paul McCartney & Khruangbin, followed by springtimey soothing strums from Jose González. Now, we’ve moved into a slowed down territory, featuring powerful vocals from Joanna Majoko, Taya Marquis, and Fiona Apple. Next, Tizah’s ‘Send Me’ is a smooth transition from slow and brooding into heavier and darker sounds from Born Ruffians, DARKSIDE and Fink.


Singularity – Bill Laurance
Pretty Boys -Paul McCartney (ft Khruang Bin)
Talia – O’Flynn
Visions – José González
Love More – Sharon Van Etten, Fiona Apple
Bold – Joanna Majoko
Finish Line – Taya Marquis
Send Me – Tirzah
Checkin’ Out – Born Ruffians
The Limit – DARKSIDE
Covering Your Tracks – Fink

Enjoy & Keep your ears peeled for the next edition of Fresh Frissons!

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