🎶 8 Frissonic Albums To Keep Us Chill In 2021

Depending on where you are in the world, 2021 likely feels like 2020+1. We miss our friends and families, capitalism still sucks, and turning on the news is a guaranteed dose of panic and doom. Music continues to heal us while we dream about when we can dance together again. Let these 8 new albums keep you company in isolation.

Surprise drops are more and more becoming a release strategy for many popular artists. We just saw Four Tet release not one, but two albums over the holidays, Parallel and 871, only announcing them hours before. The surprise strategy has music mags speculating over who we might be pleasantly surprised by this year – Kendrick Lamar, Adele, Cardi-B who knows? While those guys keep you on your toes, Frissonic Shivers has picked out surething Frissonic releases to keep you bopping as we embrace 2020+1.

Legacy+ is not yet available on streaming


29th: Madlib – Sound Ancestors.

A match made in electronic heaven. This album is hundreds of unfinished tracks, loops, ideas and experiments that Madlib (Otis Jackson Jr.) sent to Four Tet (Kieren Hebden). Hebden arranged, edited, manipulated and combined it into tracks that could all flow together to be listened to from start to finish. The first singles, Hopprock and Road of the Lonely Ones have got our lips watering for the rest of this album. Click here to pre-order the album.

29th: St Germain – Tourist (20th anniversary travel edition)

French producer, Ludovic Navarre, aka St. Germain creates a blend of house and jazz that is downright just good for your soul. His 2000 album, Tourist is a nujazz staple and in celebration of it’s it’s 20th anniversary, a collection of remixes and retakes will be released, featuring Nightmares on Wax among many others. Click here to pre-order.

29th: Ani DiFranco – Revolutionary Love

Ani DiFranco writes, produces and releases her music on her own label, Righteous Babe Records. She’s prolific AF, this release will be her 20th in 30 years. Revolutionary Love gives a voice to our deepest frustrations and tensions, on both a personal and political level. It’s jazzy, it’s folky, and it’s perfect to listen along to while you write and call your elected representatives. Click here to pre-order.


5th: Femi and Made Kuti – Legacy

That smooth blend of jazz, funk, highlife and chants known as Afrobeat would not exist without Fela Kuti. The rebellious multi-instrumentalist and political activist from Nigeria has left a legacy of music that moves people. Son and grandson, Femi and Made Kuti, respectively, continue to elevate the Kuti musical name. Appropriately titled, Legacy+ is a double album comprised of Stop the Hate by Femi and For(e)ward by Made. Click here to pre-order.

5th: Chuck Johnson – Cinder Grove

Pedal steel guitar and soothing electronic loops to soundbathe in. Soak this meditation up in the sun.  Click here to pre-order.

19th: Tash Sultana-  Terra Firma

Tash Sultana is a one-person powerhouse of a performer, producer and composer. In 2016 Tash was busking on the streets of Melbourne and sharing bedroom performances with the world via Youtube, the next, headlining festivals and touring the world. This will be her second full length release. Click here to pre-order.

26th: TiKA – Anywhere But Here 

Following her 2016 EP, Carry On, a testament to healing, strength and resiliency, TiKA is getting ready to release her full length debut, produced by Casey MQ. TiKA gives us powerful vocals paired with emotional lyrics, and is undoubtedly someone to pay attention to. Click here to pre-save.

Spring, sometime: DARKSIDE – Spiral

Another Nicolas Jaar project, this one is a collaboration with multi-instrumentalist, Dave Herrington. Jaar is mostly known for electronic music released under his own name and as Against All Logic. DARKSIDE, however is more blues-oriented and more guitar influenced than his other  work, the duo’s sound has been described as “dubbed-out jazzbo junkyard fuzz.” The first single, Liberty Bell, is out now.

So, let’s not write 2021 off as a complete loss just yet. We’ve got at least 8 solid albums that will make staying home a treat! Let us know who you’re anticipating a drop from in the comments!

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