F R I S S O N ((free-sawn)) 

French for the chills/shivers. In English, it refers to the psychophysic effects music can have on a person.

Frissonic Shivers is your curated source of music.  Showcasing a diverse range of music that elicits a physical and emotional response.

Frissonic Shivers is your home for music reviews, show listings, music industry news, and career tips for emerging and entrepreneurial artists.


Frissonic Shivers is after juicy music to review. 

If you’ve got some frissonic tracks that deserve to be heard, submit them for consideration!  

Please send Frissonic Shivers streaming & social links (Spotify or Youtube is best), info about you and some words about your masterpiece.

Frissonic Shivers doesn’t give a @#$% about genres, labels, language, or how many followers you have – all that matters is your music induces chills, gets people moving and for the love of all things groovy, it better have undeniable

S O U L .